A file photo of flood-affected areas in Belagavi district.  

Flood-affected people threaten agitation over unkept promises

Officers admit that additional amount announced by CM yet to be paid to farmers


Delay in distribution of flood relief in Belagavi and surrounding districts is riling up farmers and they have threatened a series of agitations across North Karnataka.

Officers admit that while that the government has paid compensation fixed by the calamity relief fund norms to eligible farmers, the additional amount of ₹10,000 per acre promised by the Chief Minister has not been given. “There are no corresponding orders from the government on this. If the extra amount is to be paid, a separate account needs to be created and special orders need to be issued by the Finance and Revenue ministries. But that has not happened yet,” a senior officer said.

Krishik Samaj leader Sidagouda Modagi said: “We are upset that seven months after the destruction of crops, farmers are yet to get the relief promised by the Chief Minister.” The farmers held a meeting on Friday to discuss the issue.

“Mr. Yediyurappa had promised us that every family that had lost houses in the floods would get ₹5 lakh. This has not been fulfilled. Half the families have received ₹1 lakh each. Work is yet to start on schools, public buildings and infrastructure that were damaged. This is gross neglect and needs to be protested,” he said.

A third of the total cropped area of around 7 lakh hectares were hit by flooding. They include 2.16 lakh hectares of agriculture crops, 45,000 of horticulture crops and 56 hectares of sericulture crops. Farmers received compensation of around ₹2,720 per acre in non-irrigated land and ₹5,400 per acre in areas with “assured irrigation”. Farmers on 2.21 lakh hectares received compensation as per CRF norms. But the Chief Minister’s promise of adding ₹10,000 to the receivable amount per acre has not been fulfilled. Similarly, the demand by farmers to release the same compensation for the loss of small and big animals has not been met. Farmers who lost 761 animals have been compensated as per CRF norms.

Damaged houses

The CM’s assurance that houses that had suffered significant damage, but had not collapsed, would get ₹5 lakh, has not been met. “Houses have been categorised on the basis of damage. Only ‘A category’ houses will get ₹5 lakh in stages. The other category houses that suffered lesser damage will get between ₹20,000 and ₹95,000 each,” an officer said.