What We Played #437 – Dreams, Azur Lane: Crosswave & Final Fantasy VII


You love playing games right? Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and while we don’t want to enforce any stereotypes upon anyone, we can all agree that falling in love with games is why you’re probably here. I’ve mostly loved playing Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate with my son this past week, as we slowly spiral into developing ‘some kind of problem’. Besides that I’ve been trying to finish Shadow of the Tomb Raider before Microsoft snatch it back from Xbox Game Pass, and playing Final Fantasy XV on both Stadia and PC. With two separate saves. After already completing the hell out of it on PS4. I don’t see any kind of problem with that. I also really enjoyed AO Tennis 2, after really not enjoying the first one.

Though Tom has two babies that ought to ensure that gaming doesn’t happen, he’s actually been playing Death Stranding during 3am feeds with them, and finished off The Touryst too! Aran meanwhile finished Mass Effect Andromeda this week and “liked it”. He said, “the game works well at setting up a new galaxy for the series. It had some issues and a few forgettable quests but the new characters such as Stack and Jaal are great. I do hope EA eventually continue it as there are major plot points to still resolve.”

Jim jumped back into For Honor this week with Year 4 about to kick off. “It’s still one of the most unique, underrated multiplayer games of this generation and one that has only gotten better over time.” He also took another punt at Nioh, which he’s now having a much better time with; “it’s been pretty tough so far but has continued to prove Ninja Team still have their edge.”

He also dashed through Art’s Dream in Dreams and managed to beat his first ever playthrough of Final Fantasy VII, just in time for the remake in April. “That’s been a long time coming and finally, after seeing the game discussed constantly for the past couple of decades, it all makes sense to me. Can’t wait to get my hands on the remake.”

Steve found time to game this week! He started Simulacrum 2, saying “it works so well on mobile but needs a note-taking system. Using pen and paper is fine but seems against the digital spirit of the series”. He also finished Starlink and couldn’t decide what to play after that, so took the first disc out of his wallet and unfortunately it was Aliens: Colonial Marines. “The first level was surprisingly tense and atmospheric, but then you get thrown into interminable dull gunfights with faceless mercenaries. Boo!” He also started the charming Earthlock and had some time with forma.8 on Vita while his wife was watching TV.

Gareth played Neverwinter Nights, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3, and Throw Anything, all for review, but stepped away from those to play some of the classic BioShock Infinite, “which I haven’t played since it released and am enjoying quite a bit”.

Miguel spent the week playing Rune Factory 4 Special, Azur Lane: Crosswave, Daemon X Machina on PC, and he bought Division 2, so he’s bound to try that out soon as well.

And finally, Tef has given us the skinny on Those Who Remain and The Falconeer this week, before turning his attentions to Dreams and exploring some of the early creations that people have thrown online.

What have you played?