Who's the Runaway Bride on 'Love Is Blind'?

A Very Compelling Theory About Giannina From Netflix's Love Is Blind


Warning: The following post contains spoilers for Netflix's Love Is Blind.

Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. I just spent a bunch of hours bingeing the first installment of Netflix's new dating show, Love Is Blind, and I have a very compelling theory about one of the show's most talked-about cast-members , Giannina Milady Gibelli.

First, what to know about Giannina: The 25-year-old got engaged to Damian in the first batch of Love Is Blind episodes, which dropped Feb. 13. But their relationship seemed rocky, despite their immediate physical chemistry post-pod. In Mexico, they clashed over their communication styles, and the trailer for the next installment shows them arguing even more.

Which brings me to my theory. In the trailer, we see a bride in full wedding regalia storming out of what looks like an event space and running down the street, only to fall in a sobbing heap. Now, I am so professional detective, and I have no inside knowledge about what actually happens on the next installment of Love Is Blind, but I think there's a good deal of evidence to suggest the runaway bride is Giannina.

Exhibit A: The most compelling piece of evidence is that is looks like Giannina. The runaway bride has long, blond curly hairand in an earlier moment of the trailer, we see Giannina wearing a veil with her hair styled the exact same way. And yes, you could make the case that Jessica is blond, too, but when the trailer shows her in a wedding dress, her hair is in an updonot hanging loose in curls. One could also make the case that Amber has dyed her hair blond , but I'm preeeetty sure the trailer shows Amber walking down the aisle with brown hair.

Exhibit B: Multiple times throughout the first installment of Love Is Blind, Giannina talked about her habit of self-sabotaging her relationships. I daresay there is no greater form of self-sabotage than running out your own wedding mid-ceremony.

Exhibit C: Giannina's Instagram Stories. On Valetine's Day, she posted the following: "Happy Valentine's day!! Finding love in someone else is beautiful but nothing beats that self-love, I'm-happy-with-myself-and-nothing-can-change-that kinda feeling!!"
netflix love is blind giannina

So, there you have it! Of course, we'll have to keep watching Love Is Blind to find out what really happens to Giannina, and who the runaway bride really is. The next batch of episodes arrives next week.