Meet The Aliu Family where All 5 Sisters Are Medical Doctors


Meet The Aliu Family where All 5 Sisters Are Medical Doctors

A Nigerian family The Alius’ are trending on social media after all 5 women from the family qualified as Medical Doctors. The Sisters stand as living proof of the importance of educating all children irrespective of gender, something that most African fathers tend to neglect.

The norm amongst most fathers has always been to allocate all resources to the male children with girls always being an afterthought. This chauvinistic belief is the reason most men are never satisfied with having a daughter and would rather keep trying until they have a son. In some circumstances, the family ends up getting so large(5 or more children) or the father has a mistress, all in the frantic search for a male heir.

It is widely believed that female children get married and join their husband’s family hence the reason the girl child has been marginalised. Academically Brilliant girls have had their futures ruined because no one was willing to give them a chance. Some are married off young or forced into careers they were never passionate about.

However, the landscape is changing across the world with old norms being discarded and women are proving that they too are as capable as their male counterparts. The Aliu girls are a shining example of what every parent should do and that is giving equal opportunities to all children.

The picture below shows the five beautiful sisters who all happen to be doctors. The eldest is a neurosurgeon, then another is an obstetrician, there is also have a plastic surgeon, a family physician, and a community health physician.

Next time your wife gives birth to your third daughter and you wanted a son, don’t despair just know that all children are equal, they will make you proud one day.

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