Egypt confirms first coronavirus case, says affected person is foreigner


Egypt has just confirmed the first coronavirus case in the country, becoming the first known person on the African continent to have contracted the virus.

The deadly virus which has killed almost 1,400 people, and left over 40,000 people sickened, has just been confirmed in Egypt, with the health ministry saying the affected person is a foreigner.

According to Reuters, Egypt confirmed on Friday its first coronavirus case and said the affected person was a foreigner who had been put into isolation at hospital.

The health ministry said in a statement that it had immediately informed the World Health Organization and had taken all necessary preventative measures. It did not give the nationality of the affected person or any other details.

A World Health Organization-led joint mission with China will start its outbreak investigation work this weekend and will focus on how the new coronavirus is spreading and the severity of the disease, the WHO’s director said on Friday.