Remedy confirms it has three games in the works, alongside this year's Control DLC

Including a mystery title and live service game.


Control developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that it currently has three games in the works, two of which it's discussed previously - including its own spin on the live service model - and a third which remains a tantalising mystery.

The news comes via Remedy's latest financial report, in which CEO Tero Virtala revealed that the majority of the studio's 31.6 million euros revenue in 2019 was, unsurprisingly, generated by its superb paranormal shooter Control, alongside additional contributions from Alan Wake.

Looking to the future, Virtala re-confirmed that one team at Remedy is currently focussed on creating the two previously announced paid expansions for Control, with both due to release some time this year, and that three other teams are also working on their own projects.

The first of these, the single-player story campaign for South Korean developer Smilegate Entertainment's first-person shooter CrossFireX - an enormously popular series in China and Southeast Asia - was initially announced back in 2016, and will finally see the light on day on Xbox One later this year. Remedy's second new title, currently going by the name of Vanguard, has also been known about, in general terms at least, for some time.

Vanguard is Remedy's attempt at creating "long-term service-based multiplayer experiences" that combine some of the studio's "unique game features", and Virtala says this particular project has reached the point where its first internally playable development version now exists.

As for Remedy's third, and currently unannounced, title, all we know is that it's "based on the company's own game brands" and is "proceeding well".

No additional clues were forthcoming, but the fact that publishing rights for a certain sleepless novelist have now reverted to Remedy - coupled with solid speculation that the studio is currently laying the groundwork for his return via Control later this year - and there will likely be quite a few Alan Wake fans holding their breath for the project's eventual reveal.

Whatever it turns out to be, Remedy notes that both it and Vanguard are currently preparing to enter pre-production.