The Left’s Lies Undercut The DOJ

What will President Trump do?


The Democrats just can’t get enough of second-guessing the legal power of the Executive Office as Biden’s party just can’t move forward beyond their pitchforks and witch-hunts.

Of course, the mockingbirds over at ABC News want you to believe that Attorney General Barr’s recent complaints singled out the President.

They don’t mention the unyielding harassment by the media and Democrats, but what can you expect from a publication that turns a rare newsworthy presidential stop at a local diner in New Hampshire into racist propaganda.

James Clapper boldly perjured in the face of the American public under oath, but that ship has sailed as our hypocritical government allowed the statute of limitations to prosecute him to pass.

In the words of Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, “The fact is that perjury is not simply tolerated, it is rewarded, in Washington. In a city of made men and women, nothing says loyalty quite as much as lying under oath.”

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