Crazy Ford Mustang Drift Car With 2JZ Swap Tows Its Own Race Tires

All built in 30 days.


While EcoBoost Fords are becoming more and more commonplace , many would argue that the V8 is the spiritual heart of the Mustang. However, in the latest episode of Hoonigan Daily Transmission, Trevor Jameson showcases his 2JZ-powered Mustang drift car. With such a Mustang on the cards, Formula Drift driver and Mustang enthusiast Justin Pawlak made a guest appearance with his son Jackson.

Upon first glance, the engine bay is incredibly clean for a car that was built in only 30 days. The pearlescent lime green paint on the engine pops out against the other darker components in the surrounding area. Also visible is the massive turbocharger, (Garret GTX 3076-R) which isn’t as flashy as the engine but is impossible to miss.

While Jameson isn’t running a ridiculous amount of boost, he said that it has been super reliable while still running stock internals. That said, the 512 horsepower (381 kilowatts) coming from the 2JZ was still too much for the stock Mustang transmission. Jameson swapped in a Nissan 370Z transmission to deal with the extra power.

While the engine bay is a hot spot, this car has a lot more to offer. Jameson built the car to go to drifting events, but only had 30 days to do so. The car does have a Justin Pawlak built front suspension system to get enough steering angle for drifting. However, the pièce de résistance is that the car can tow a small trailer full of everything needed for a drifting weekend. That includes wheels and tires, spare components, tools, and anything else a Mustang drift car might need for a few days of sideways action.

To finish out the video, Jameson attempts a burnout with the trailer attached, and drifts around “the yard” that the Hoonigans have setup for guests. Justin Pawlak also joins in the fun with his V8-powered Mustang to do tandem donuts with Jameson. Let us know down below which ‘Stang you like the best.

Source: Hoonigan Daily Transmission