DC Teases the Introduction of Bizarro's Mother in Red Hood: Outlaw


As an angry, misfit inversion of the core DC Universe trinity, Red Hood and the Outlaws have embarked on deadly missions around the DCU. Now, their latest assignment will bring Bizarro face-to-face with his long-lost mother.

DC Comics released its advance solicitation information for its titles going on sale this May, including Red Hood: Outlaw #46 by Scott Lobdell and Paolo Pantalenta. As the team ventures to the Middle Eastern nation of Qurac to face one of the oldest evils in the DCU, both Bizarro and Artemis will each have their own uncomfortable reunions with figures from their respective pasts. The solicit information, standard cover illustrated by Pantalenta and variant cover by Philip Tan are below.


The unlikely trio has formed its own surrogate family across the course of the DC Rebirth era. Since then, Jason Todd and Artemis have entered a romantic relationship, while the Amazon warrior has become a maternal figure to Bizarro. With the Outlaws about to confront their troubled past, this fragile family dynamic may face the ultimate test.

Scott Lobdell and Paolo Pantalena's Red Hood: Outlaw #46 goes on sale May 27 from DC Comics.

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