Horrific surveillance camera footage captures a care home nurse, named as Ronald Fletcher, violently attack a 91 year-old woman (Pictures: Fox2)

Violent care home nurse filmed tossing frail woman, 91, around like rag doll


Distressing surveillance camera footage captured a male care home nurse violently tossing a 91 year-old woman around like a rag doll.

The worker, named as Ronald Fletcher, 64, was filmed grabbing the elderly woman by the neck, then forcing her head down at the Advantage Living Center in Warren, Michigan.

Shortly afterwards, Fletcher can allegedly be seen roughing the woman up, and tossing her roughly into her wheelchair.

The incident, which took place on February 2, culminates moments later with a vicious beating.

Explaining what the clip shows, Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said: ‘(Fletcher is filmed) taking her by the back of her head, and then taking the head and pounding it down on the counter, viciously, violently.’

The victim’s granddaughter Rachelle Sharp shouted ‘Oh my God!’ and was forced to steady herself after being shown the clip by Fox2.

She said her grandma had a bandage on her head when she visited her after the attack, which Fletcher is accused of trying to pass off as an accident.

Sharp said afterwards: ‘I just don’t understand what would make a person do that to someone.

‘And especially someone so fragile like her.

‘She’s never been a threat to anybody and she definitely doesn’t deserve that.

‘My family and I just want justice for her and others like her.’

Fletcher,a licensed practical nurse, had been working at the center for just three weeks before the incident, and passed a background check.

He has since been fired from his job and charged with vulnerable adult abuse.

The alleged attacker remains in jail in lieu of a $25,000 bond ahead of his next court appearance on February 18.

Police have yet to share a motive for the violent outburst.

Matcomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said: ‘Physical abuse of vulnerable adults, particularly by their caretakers, are some of the most despicable crimes we see as prosecutors.

‘We will continue to authorize the most serious charges permitted by law on defendants that abuse vulnerable adults in Macomb County.’

A spokesman for Advantage Living Center said they were giving the police their full cooperation.