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Video of Pakistani Policeman Removing Turban From Sikh's Head Enrages Indian Community

New Delhi (Sputnik): The treatment of minorities in Pakistan has long been a concern for Indians, with rising numbers of reports of forced conversion of girls from minorities, and attacks on temples and people from the Christian, Hindu, and Sikh communities.

A Pakistani policeman has been captured in a video clip while charging with a staff at a Sikh man whose turban has been already unfolded, possibly following a scuffle. The incident occurred in the presence of several onlookers.

The video, shared by Delhi-based politician Manjinder Singh Sirsa, shows a policeman engaging in a brawl with a Sikh. The Sikh man is tying his turban back as a policeman takes out a wooden stick to beat him up despite the presence of someone trying to stop him.

The most discernible symbol of Sikhs is the turban, the cloth headwear tied around the head.

The turban emerges from the five important religious symbol of the faith – Kesh (Uncut hair maintain in a turban), kara (round steel bracelet symbol of strength), Kripan (sword), Kanga (wooden comb) and Kachhera (cotton shorts).

Accusing the Pakistans policeman of removing the revered turban, while abusing and beating him, Delhi-based Indian Sikh politician Sirsa urged Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to take action against the police officers concerned,

The video clip has left the people of Sikh community fuming over the treatment of minorities in Pakistan.

Human rights activists claim the minority Sikh population in Pakistan dropped from about 40,000 in 2002 to about 8,000 in 2019.

In a recent incident in January 2020, a Pakistani Sikh Politician Radesh Singh Tony reportedly fled from Pakistan with his family after allegedly facing threat to his life. Tony released a video asking the Sikh diaspora to help him find a safe place to live.