16-Year-Old Kills Neighbour Over Ksh50 Loan


Residents of Kuresoi, Nakuru County were left in shock and mourning after a 16-year-old boy attacked his 24-year-old long-time neighbour on Thursday, February 13.

In a report by Citizen Digital, Vincent Kiprotich, who is a Form Two student, ended the life of Nicholas Kipkemoi after an argument over a Ksh 50 debt.

According to the area Police Commander Samson Nyarangi, the two were embroiled in a fierce argument over the cash when Kiprotich got angered and quickly rushed home for a bow and arrows.
A police vehicle on patrol

Without wasting any moment, he made real his threat, shooting his target on the neck.

In the aftermath of the incident, the victim was rushed to Keringet Hospital which was the closest health facility in the area. 

However, doctors at the facility referred him to the Olenguruone Hospital and later Molo Hospital due to the severity of the injury.

After reaching Molo hospital, doctors reportedly got wary of operating on Kipkemoi, leading to transfer to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

There, the medics discovered that the arrow had struck his spinal column but it was already too late as he succumbed to the injuries on Friday 14.

His body was transferred to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary.

According to Kipkemoi’s uncle, Richard Mahiga, increase in use of illicit brews at the Ukwala area and the larger Bararget played a key role in the current woes facing the area.

Mahiga also accused the local administration of laxity in the maintenance of law and order, leaving residents to act in ignorance of the existing laws.

“The majority of the youths in the area are now alcoholics surviving on illicit brews that are all over.

“The illicit brew sellers don’t mind who they’re selling the product to. Even children below the age of 18 years can access the drink,” remarked Mahiga.

Police in the area confirmed the arrest of Kiprotich and assured that investigations are ongoing on the matter.
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