Leaked Google Pixel 5 XL prototype render shows triple-camera system


The Google Pixel 5 XL is almost nine months away from its official release but the first renders of the device have already made their way to the internet. The CAD render shows the back of the device and the rather unique looking camera module.

Apart from a regular and telephoto lens sitting at the top, there is also an ultra-wide angle shooter located at the bottom of the camera module. The exact camera specs are not yet known but the entire rear camera system looks quite different compared to what you will find in other smartphones.

From the render, one can also make out that the Pixel 5 XL will feature a matte glass back similar to the Pixel 4 series with the camera module having a glossy finish. Jon Prosser did not share any renders of the front of the Pixel 5 XL since its design is yet to be finalized. However, he notes that the device in its current form has a forehead similar to the Pixel 4.

The device in the render is one of the three prototypes that Google engineers are internally working on. While renders of the other two Pixel 5 prototypes are not available, Jon Prosser notes that their camera module looks exactly like the Pixel 4. Google will finalize on one of the three prototypes over the next few months. However, whichever design it finalizes on, it will be tweaked and refined further.

When Google launched the Pixel 4 last year, it claimed that the telephoto sensor is more useful than a ultra-wide angle shooter. It completely missed the point about the flexibility offered by a camera with such a wide field of view. It looks like the company plans on making amends with the Pixel 5 series this year.