New Jersey city marks first birth in more than 40 years


Feb. 14 (UPI) -- Police and EMTs assisted with the delivery of a baby that records show was the first birth in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, in more than 40 years.

Joe and Jeanne Golato said they were enjoying a weekend away at a family-owned home in Sea Isle City with their 3-year-old daughter, Briella, when Jeanne went into labor.

"She started having more pain, and within a half an hour, she was telling me to call 911," Joe Golato told WPVI-TV. "I dropped to my knees because I could tell the baby was having trouble."

Police and EMTs arrived a few minutes later and helped deliver baby Luciana, who was born about five minutes after the emergency responders arrived.

"We had to get supplies to cut umbilical cords and everything in a natural delivery," Sea Isle Officer Steve Jankowski said. "We did it right there on the bedroom floor."

Sea Isle City doesn't have a hospital, so Luciana's unexpected birth Jan. 27, three weeks before her due date, is believed to be the first birth in the city since 1977.

The city honored the Golatos and the responders who helped with the delivery in a ceremony this week.

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