Stranger Things 4 trailer confirms Hopper's fate and Netflix fans were 'not ready' for it

Netflix has released the trailer for Stranger Things Series 4

Stranger Things Series 4 trailer

The first trailer for Stranger Things 4 has been released.

Netflix shared the teaser clip with fans as a Valentine's Day gift, with the Instagram caption: "A welcome gift on Valentine's Day? Stranger Things have happened."

The trailer confirms the fate of Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour, whose story was left on a cliffhanger at the end of series 3.

But following the trailer it seems safe to assume Hopper is in fact "the American" the post-credits made reference to last season (if you know, you know)

The trailer shows prisoners working in a snowy landscape on a Russian facility.

In the clip it looks as though they are clearing snow from a train track, and while it's not been confirmed how this relates to the Stranger Things 4 plot, one thing is clear, Hopper is alive.
Stranger Things 4 trailer drops confirming Hopper's fate(Image: Netflix)

As the trailer draws to an end, the camera zooms in on the former police officer who can be seen working among the prisoners.

And it's safe to say Stranger Things fans were beside themselves with excitement.

One social media user simply stated: "Wasn't ready."

"OM holy eggos," another wrote in reference to character Eleven's favourite snack.

While a third added: "I’m actually crying."

And a fourth said: "A warning would’ve been nice."

The revelation comes as a bit of a shock after it was reported IMDb had dropped the actor’s name from the cast list, sparking fears Hopper did indeed die in series 3.

And while no details about a release date have been confirmed yet, series 4 is thought to be the biggest and most frightening yet.

Thank god for Hopper then we guess!