Ex-Giant leads chorus of lineman mocking stud prospect’s viral video


Julian Armella celebrated too soon.

Armella, an offensive tackle at St. Thomas Aquinas, became the internet’s latest sensation after a video was posted of the high school sophomore violently throwing an opponent to the ground during a pass-rushing/blocking drill at a Rivals Camp to the cheers of surrounding players.

The pros, however, had no praise, including former Giants lineman Geoff Schwartz.

“Ugh no… We should not be promoting this clip. Poor technique all around and finished with a holding….the coaches should be embarrassed,” Schwartz quote tweeted.

Former No. 1 overall pick Jake Long shared his displeasure, too.

“I don’t understand why this is getting celebrated. This is bad all around. He just threw the rusher into a sack, or into the RG. That’s a torn up knee for the RG by friendly fire. 🤦‍♂️ No good,” Long said.

According to 247Sports’ internal rankings, Armella is the 60th-ranked 2022 prospect and second among offensive tackles. He has already received 28 scholarship offers, including Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Florida State, Michigan, Oregon, Penn State and Notre Dame.

And he has another two years to work on his technique.

“I get the hype but that is holding LOL,” former Giants tight end Howard Cross tweeted. “You can’t throw or pull a player to the ground.”