People rejecting BJP for its policies: TPCC

It is pushing the nation into economic crises, says TPCC treasurer


The Telangana Congress has said that people don’t judge political parties on their mode of campaign but on the policies being implemented by them and the BJP is being rejected across the country for its divisive policies and its poor management of the economy.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s contention that BJP lost the elections due to defective campaign is ridiculous and this is nothing but diverting people from its failures in the country, TPCC treasurer Gudur Narayan Reddy said.

The Congress leader said that the BJP government appears to be in a haste to bring contentious laws and make controversial moves so as to keep the attention of people to get diverted from real issues.

“The BJP-led Assam government has reportedly lost the data collected for the implementation of State-wide National Register of Citizens (NRC). The Central government had spent over ₹ 1600 crore to conduct the NRC in Assam on pilot basis. The data lost has badly damaged the credibility of NRC which is already facing widespread rejection all across the country,” he said in a statement here.

He said instead of being apologetic for pushing the country’s economy into huge crisis, BJP government is trying to find fault with the citizens.

Mr. Reddy said that only 1.5 crore out of 130 crore population pay Income Tax but almost everyone pays GST or other taxes, directly or indirectly but the Prime Minister Narender Modi is cursing Indians for not paying Income Tax properly.

Income Tax cannot be treated as the only benchmark to define a tax payer and almost 70% Indians pay taxes directly or indirectly through one way or the other, he said. “Instead of asking people to introspect, PM Modi and his team should do a serious introspection of their policies and approach towards economy,” he advised.