For Honor celebrates Year 4 with Honor Games event


Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there. Or, as I prefer to say, happy birthday For Honor. Today marks the game’s third anniversary and to celebrate Ubisoft is putting on a party.

Between now and February 27th players can join in the festivities with now limited time game mode. The Honor Games signal a truce between For Honor’s warring factions as they come together to participate in some friendly bloodletting.

This mode is designed specifically for two team or fours as they go head to head in a close quarters melee. In order to win, the opposing team needs to be eliminated though there is a chance to revive downed fighters. As long as they haven’t been executed in one of countless creative ways.

And, now, time for a mini history lesson from the folks at Ubisoft Montreal:

Inspired by The Olympic Truce (which happened for the ancient Olympic Games) when the warring Leaders (“Kings”) around Olympia, as well as Sparta, had an agreement to end conflict in order to hold the games. While it didn’t necessarily mean a total end to war, it was a moment when no one would interfere with people travelling to and from the Games.

The Honor Games introduce a new community order objective with a chance to bag yourself some extra steel to spend in-game. Another fun addition is that of four musically inspired emotes. Let’s take a peek:

This event also heralds For Honor Year 4 which has been dubbed by Ubisoft as “The Year of Reckoning“. Boot the game up and you’ll notice one of the newest features in there already, For Honor having recently introduced its own battle pass. Ubisoft is also looking to draw more attention to the fighter’s competitive scene.

New weapon and armour sets are being added for each of the game’s 24 playable heroes. Speaking of, there will be two characters added to the roster in 2020 though we’ve yet to hear which faction they’re aligned with or what weapons they bring into battle.