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The Newsette Launches ‘Relationship’ Feature, Touts Sponsorship Model

Daniella Pierson, founder and ceo of The Newsette, has developed a "shared values" sponsorship program.


The Newsette is celebrating Valentine’s Day by launching a new content vertical, “Relationships.” The first feature is in partnership with Bumble, and titled, “How to Make the First Move.”

Here, Daniella Pierson, founder and chief executive officer of The Newsette, explains the decision behind rolling out this feature as well as how the newsletter’s sponsorship model works.

WWD: What was the impetus behind launching this feature?

Daniella Pierson: Over the last five years, The Newsette has been the go-to resource for women-empowering content and interviews, but after a recent subscriber survey, we realized that our reader wasn’t only coming to us for career stories — they also relied on us heavily for fashion, beauty, relationships, wellness and lifestyle curation. Advice and insight on relationships — in all categories including professional, romantic, and platonic — were among the most requested.

We wanted to create that playbook via a weekly column. Bumble, the women-first social networking platform with three different modes (Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Date) for professional networking, friend-finding and dating, was absolutely the perfect partner to launch with since they empower their users to connect with others with confidence.

WWD: What insights, topics and themes will be offered to readers?

D.P.: This exciting content rollout will include weekly “Relationship” touch points via the daily e-mail newsletter including a debut editorial on Valentine’s Day with advice on how to make the first move from Diane von Furstenberg and other inspiring women. We are also kicking off the partnership with modern share-worthy Valentine’s Day cards posted every day this week including captions like “Break ceilings, not hearts.”

Other programming includes sharing our readers’ best and worst first-date stories, actionable tips on how to improve relationships, and more.

WWD: When you say this feature requires trust between you and the sponsor, what exactly do you mean?

D.P.: In 2020, The Newsette plans on advancing the typical and outdated #SponCon format and revolutionizing how branded campaigns exist in our reader experience-obsessed modern media company. This involves working with brands that share our values, as Bumble does, to not only bring awareness around their product, but also create value for our audience by using their unique lens.

Bumble and The Newsette have been working together for years, and this partnership authentically came together as we both share the collective goal of enhancing storytelling and relationship content for the modern-day dating or networking app user. Although Bumble is powering this new content vertical, all of the content is editorial in nature, enabling us to have raw and real conversations with readers, experts and even icons regarding modern love, career connections, and friendships.