Kristīne Misāne ar bērniemPhoto: LTV

Danish court approves Misāne's continued custody

A Copenhagen court on February 14 ruled that Latvian citizen Kristīne Misāne should remain in custody pending an extradition request in place from South Africa, where she will face charges of kidnapping, document forgery and other charges.

The case has caused considerable controversy in Latvia, as previously reported by LSM.

Latvia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the court ruling with a statement expressing its "incomprehension" and suggesting the ruling was against Danish law which "stipulates that a person must be released if extradition has not taken place within 30 days." 

Misāne has been in custody since December 2018 after being arrested at Copenhagen airport. According to an LTV reporter at the court, it is now possible Misāne will be sent to South Africa on February 20.

"In the light of Latvia's diplomatic and political efforts to persuade Denmark not to extradite an EU citizen to the Republic of South Africa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is examining all possible mechanisms for trans-national cooperation and dispute resolution to prevent our citizen from being extradited and to prevent such situations from arising in the future," the ministry said.

"In the case that Kristīne Misāne is extradited to the DRC, Latvia will provide consular assistance through the mission of another EU country," it said, adding that a Foreign Ministry visit to South Africa is also under preparation. Latvia has no embassy in South Africa.