Rainbow Six Siege Shows Off Its New Void Edge Operators, the Burly Oryx and Spacey Iana


Details about Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Operation Void Edge season recently leaked, but now Ubisoft has officially dropped a reveal trailer for the game’s two new characters, Iana and Oryx. The trailer seems to confirm the leaks that stated attacker Iana will have some sort of holographic decoy gimmick, while defender Oryx will be able to run straight through walls, “Kool-Aid Man” style. Check out the trailer for yourself!

Ubisoft hasn’t detailed how Iana and Oryx will actually play, but they have provided a few tidbits about their backgrounds and personalities in a scouting-report-style letter:

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Iana was an open book – family of engineers, excelled in academia after busting out of the air force for reasons beyond her control. You’ve got to be a pro at keeping a cool head to go into orbit, at least in any kind of technical capacity. She’s stable, sure, and predictable, but that doesn’t mean her tactics are the same. I like what I’ve seen, and I look forward to frustrating her attempts to gather intel in future matches. Oryx was a different story. In that, there isn’t much of one. Those 15 years where he disappeared from local AND international records give me pause. I’ve met him. I like him, or what little he’s been willing to show me of his personality. The problem is, he’s a mystery, and I don’t like mysteries in my line of work. They give me ulcers. But, as a part of the team, I’d much rather he was on my side than someone else’s. And I’m not going to lie – having the chance to observe him more closely in the field will give me the data I need to put my fears to rest.

Seem like an interesting duo! Rainbow Six Siege will be delivering fewer new Operators in Year 5 (six instead of the usual eight), but if they’re all as unique-seeming as Iana and Oryx, it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. More details about Iana, Oryx, and Operator Void Edge will be revealed before the latest Six Invitational on February 15.