Marvel's Avengers achievements list leaks story details

More than six months early.


Marvel's Avengers is still over six months away, but you can take a peek at its leaked achievement list right now.

Trophy snooping site Exophase has scooped up the details - which include a few story spoilers. There's also lots of achievements for collecting lots of things.

Marvel's Avengers was, of course, originally due to launch much sooner - until it was slapped with a sizeable delay last month. It's now set to arrive on 4th September for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and then, presumably, on PS5 and Xbox Series X down the line).

The appearance of its Trophy list now is an interesting wrinkle. Presumably, this data was pushed to Sony's servers in readiness for its original launch date.

We won't detail the leaks here in full here in case you wish to remain unspoiled, but its fair to say the full Trophy list gives away a major unannounced villain and various spoilery locations, while name-checking a group of unannounced characters you'll rescue along the way.

Marvel's Avengers move to September was a significant delay. It's now well clear of Cyberpunk 2077 and much closer to the launch of this year's new consoles.

But the delay was not a huge surprise. Marvel's Avengers had a rough ride last year - revealed at E3 2019 to a decidedly mixed reception, the game drew fire for its initially confusing mix of single-player and online elements. There was criticism, too, of how the game looked, and how the demo level brought to the show failed to live up to expectations.

Some of that sentiment has shifted in recent months, however. The reveal of Kamala Khan as a major character in the game last October offered a welcome new perspective for the game's story - one free from the baggage of being well-played-out in the MCU. Then, at the end of that month, another trailer offered our clearest explanation yet for how Marvel's Avengers will actually work.