Dog the Bounty Hunter Admits He’s ‘Almost’ Ready To Date Again 8 Mos. After Beth Chapman’s Death


Dog The Bounty Hunter discussed where’s he’s at, romance wise, almost a year after his wife Beth’s tragic passing.

Keeping it real after such a tremendous loss. Dog The Bounty Hunter, 67, confessed that he’s “almost” ready to date 8 months after losing his wife Beth Chapman to throat cancer. “I can maybe go out with a girl and eat and date a little, if that’s a date?”, he said in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, February 13. “Where, how, do you date today? I’ve forgotten!” He’s still heartbroken over Beth’s death amid him trying to crack a joke or two about moving on with someone new. “Oh, I miss her,” the Dog’s Most Wanted star said as his eyes watered. “Eight months, that’s the worst part, it seems like yesterday and they say ‘time heals all wounds.’ No, it doesn’t.”

He then went into detail over all the things he misses about his late wife today. “Her comments, her touch, her smell,” he said were the three things he misses the most while adding, “Her encouragement, her, ‘I am going to hire a real bounty hunter if you don’t catch this guy.’ Her teasing me, her [saying], ‘We say the blessing before we eat.'” He also talked about how hard it is to admit that she was his everything, “because I am such a macho, macho man. But she was the glue that held my family together. So now I got to redo it and restaple everybody — and we are all kind of brawling right now.”

Dog admitted that his kids are split in terms of what his romantic future could be without Beth. “Well, the girls are very upset because of other girls I’d be looking at,” he explained. “Or they may say, ‘Dad, they just like you because you are Dog the Bounty Hunter. They don’t like you because you are Dwayne or Dad.’ The boys are like, ‘Dad, you know, if you love them, if you like them, we are for you or whatever you decide.'”
Dog The Bounty Hunter and his late wife Beth Chapman. Credit: Shutterstock

Dog also denied rumors about him and his longtime assistant Moon Angell being romantically involved, insisting that they are just friends. “She still works for me, and takes care of the finances,” he said before bringing up his fake proposal to her on the Dr. Oz show. “I kind of embarrassed her a little bit and I shouldn’t have.”