New version of Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition released, adds soft shadows, self shadows, and more


The team behind the unofficial Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition project has released a brand new version of it. This new version adds support for soft shadows, self shadows, increases blood, and improves the Fog effects.

Furthermore, this new version increases draw distance in certain areas to hide the environment loading in. It also improves storage support, increases the Noise Effects resolution, and brings some lighting improvements. For example, it fixes an issue where some light sources would not properly brighten and darken James.

Moreover, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition now has a Fog Fix option that makes the game’s fog closer resemble the PlayStation 2’s version. It also increases the camera speed movement to match the PlayStation 2’s version.

Last but not least, the game now allows you to lock to one CPU core. According to the developers, this can prevent sound looping and performance issues.

You can download Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition from here.

Have fun!