Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Celebrate Valentine's Day With Vacation to Dollywood


It might seem like an unlikely choice, but Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrated Valentine's Day with a getaway to Dollywood! Urban, who just wrapped up hosting his seventh All for the Hall, shared a photo of the couple on social media, in a heart-shaped frame, made out of logs.

"HAPPY VALENTINES DAY," Urban captioned the photo.

Kidman chose a more intimate photo to celebrate the romantic holiday, sharing a photo on Instagram of the couple, saying simply, "My Valentine forever."
My Valentine forever ❤️ #HappyValentinesDay

Kidman recently opened up about their high-profile marriage, and the positive ways her husband has influenced her.

"I like to relax by meditating, but what makes me feel most comfortable and secure is being with Keith," Kidman told Australia's Sunday Morning Herald. "Having a partner by your side, someone with whom you can talk, who loves you and who you love, balances everything."

"Before I met him, I was more scared," she continued. "Now I feel protected thanks to this great friend and wonderful partner I have."

Kidman also finds solace in time with Urban and their two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

"I'm an introvert by nature, pretty quiet – someone who would rather stay at home," Kidman reflected. "I'm very sensitive, so my capacity to deal with a lot of tension makes me want to withdraw from stressful situations. When I get home, the thing I look forward to the most is being able to hug my children and Keith, and that's the kind of feeling which will always keep us connected."

Urban is also equally buoyed by Kidman's presence in his life, which he says has improved every area of his life.

"My marriage is just, it’s life-giving, not just life-changing," Urban previously stated. "It’s been life-giving for me. And from there, we created life, and that’s just beautiful, absolutely beautiful. And the effect that all of that has had in my work, has given life to it too, given it a sense of purpose and really deepened the experience for me.”

Photo Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison