Willow worries about talking to Dean (Picture: Channel 5)

Spoilers: Dean reacts angrily to Willow and Alex in Home and Away


Willow (Sarah Roberts) has important news to share with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) about her relationship with Alex, but she’s scared to tell him as she’s scared how he will react. Colby (Tim Franklin) and Alex (Zoe Ventoura) both tell her that she should bite the bullet and that there’s no need to be afraid.

However, when she eventually comes clean, she is surprised when he reacts badly. His anger doesn’t come from the fact she’s dating a woman – he is upset about Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) keeping job news from him.

He is also upset that Willow was clearly scared to tell him and was trying to manage his reaction. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make this clear to Willow and she’s left hurt that he isn’t being supportive.
Willow approaches Dean about Alex (Picture: Channel 5)

When Dean goes to Colby’s place to wallow, Colby addresses his attitude. He points out that it would have been hard for Willow to reveal she’s now dating a woman, and Dean let his anger get the better of him.

Dean remains agitated, though, partly due to Ziggy continuing to lie to him. Meanwhile, when Willow relays her conversation with Dean to Alex, she is shocked when Alex suggests they cool things down between them for a bit…