Christopher Castillo, 33, forced a woman he met on a dating app to be the getaway driver as h robbed a bank. (Picture: North Attleboro Police)

Woman forced to rob bank during first date with man she met on dating app


A woman was forced to rob a bank during her first date with a man she met on an online dating app, police say.

Christopher Castillo, 33, was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday for robbing the Bristol County Savings Bank in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts in December 2016 while on a date with the unnamed woman.

The woman told police she picked Castillo up from his parents’ home in Rhode Island then drove him 30-minutes toward North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

She said Castillo drank wine while in the passenger seat of her car then told her to pull over once they approached the bank.

He left her in the car for a few minutes before he suddenly came running back, sweating while wearing a sunglasses and brandishing a gun with $1,000 cash in hand.
Castillo made the woman stop in front of the Bristol County Savings Bank in Attleboro Falls, which he then went inside and robbed. (Picture: Fox 6)

Prosecutors said while Castillo was in the bank, he showed a teller a gun and demanded the money, saying he was ‘really hurting.’

The teller handed the money over and he ran out of the bank.

‘Fucking go,’ he told her, according to the woman.

The woman told police she ‘panicked’ and did as she was told.

But as soon as she saw the police lights in her rearview mirror, she immediately pulled over and walked away from the car.

Castillo stayed inside the vehicle and ducked from police until officers pulled him out. As they did, Castillo ‘violently struggled,’ and spit on the officers then told them the gun was not loaded.

Police searched the car and found an antique handgun, which belonged to Castillo’s stepfather, a hat, sunglasses and the $1,000.

Castillo was sentenced to three years for armed robbery and  two years for assaulting police officers, according to Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn.