EV is the way to go


Re: “Washington should pass clean-fuel standard like Oregon, California” [Feb. 12, Opinion]:

State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon’s Op-Ed made a common-sense case for Washington state setting goals to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from cars, trucks, buses and ferries. Oregon and California already have passed similar bills and have seen impressive positive results. But does this just sound like more government overreach? Is there really anything we can do, personally, to reduce global warming from the cars and other vehicles we use?

Rep. Fitzgibbon’s bills (HB1110, HB 2892) include simple ways we all can be part of the solution to global warming. One way is through switching to electric personal vehicles, delivery trucks and buses that just make good environmental and economic sense.

I recently bought an all-electric Chevrolet Bolt. I didn’t buy it purely for its global-warming benefits — it was also a solid, cost-saving investment. The federal and state purchase incentives at that time knocked $10,000 off the purchase price. In more than a year and a half, I have only had to spend $150 in maintenance and repairs (no oil changes, no radiator). The electricity on which it runs costs me only about a third of my last car’s gas bills.

It’s time to get on board for the future.

Tim Bernthal, Seattle

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