Storm clouds over the Dordrecht inner harborPhoto: mandritoiu/DepositPhotos

Storm Dennis and spring-like temperatures in NL on Sunday


Storm Dennis is on its way and expected to hit the Netherlands during the early hours on Sunday morning, followed by a stormy day with unseasonably mild temperatures, according to Weeronline. Dennis will bring strong winds with it, with gusts up to 110 kilometers per hour. Maximum temperatures on Sunday are expected to range between 14 and 17 degrees.

The strongest winds brought by Dennis are expected during the early hours of Sunday morning, though the rest of the morning and around noon will also be windy. The day will be predominantly cloudy, with showers expected. 

The morning will be around 14 degrees Celsius, climbing up to 16 or 17 degrees in Noord-Brabant and Limburg during the afternoon. The rest of the country will see maximums around 15 degrees, which means Sunday will likely be the first official "spring" day of the year. These temperatures are usual for the end of April, according to the weather service. 

Dennis will be the third storm to hit the Netherlands in a week. Ciara stormed over the country on Sunday, and another unnamed storm hit early on Tuesday morning. That storm was not given a name, because it was not strong elsewhere in North-West Europe. A storm is only named if it is severe in the region of Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 

After the weekend the winds will gradually die down, according to meteorological institute KNMI. The days will be cooler, with occasional sunshine peaking through the clouds, as well as a few showers.