Clampdown on misuse of drones in Mayo housing estates

A CLAMPDOWN is imminent on the misuse of drones in Mayo.

A member of the county's joint policing committee has hit out that they are impinging on people's right to privacy.

Councillor Neil Cruise elaborated: “My contention is that all drones should be licenced and registered to an owner who produces photo ID when purchasing their drone.

“I spoke with responsible drone users and they were horrified to hear of instances of people flying drones around housing estates at 4.30 a.m.

“Drones are invaluable to our emergency services, including search and rescue, and have some good applications in the area of surveying and mapping.

“I am not a kill joy but people's right to privacy and security in their own homes has to be respected.”

Members of the Irish Aviation Authority are to make a presentation at next Friday's meeting of the committee on drone regulation.