Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Available Today For $149

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ went on sale today, and are now available from Samsung's website for $149.

Samsung offers the Galaxy Buds+ in three colors. White, Cosmic Black and Cloud Blue.

The Galaxy Buds+ now offer the best battery life among truly wireless headphones

The Galaxy Buds+ offer up to 11 hours of continuous listening, which is really good for a pair of truly wireless headphones. That's actually better than some plain old wireless headphones – that still have a wire running from earbud to earbud.


The included carrying case can charge the Galaxy Buds+ one full cycle, giving you an additional 11 hours, or 22 hours total. That's pretty good, considering how small the Galaxy Buds+ actually are. And the fact that the audio quality on these are still pretty good.

Galaxy Buds+ fit in your ears quite nicely actually, and there are also a few different ear tips in the box that you can use to make them fit better too.

Better ambient sound, and improved noise isolation

Galaxy Buds+ also come with better ambient sound, and you can actually choose how much ambient sound you want to come into your ears. This is good for walking down the street, being on a plane and so forth.


Noise isolation is also better. It's not quite noise cancelling yet, but it works really well to isolate you from the noise around you. So you can really zone out and only listen to your music.

The sound quality on the Galaxy Buds+ are also really good. This is thanks to them being tuned by AKG – which Samsung now owns thanks to its purchase of HARMAN in late 2016. With AKG tuning the Galaxy Buds+ you can expect some really good sound quality out of these earbuds, and that's what you'll get too.

I've been using the Galaxy Buds+ for a few days now, and they have quickly become my favorite over the Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones, which are almost $100 more expensive.


Basically, what we're saying is that these are some of the best truly wireless headphones on the market, and they are also some of the cheapest. At $149, you'd be a fool not to pick these up. Especially if you own a Samsung device, or plan to own one, as these work really well with Galaxy smartphones.

You can grab the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ from today for $149, in White, Cosmic Black or Cloud Blue by clicking here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ - - $149