Grab The Google Pixel 3a For Just $319

The Google Pixel 3a price is so low at Amazon right now, we're considering it a steal.

At just $319, you can pick up the Pixel 3a and get a really great smartphone, with one of the best cameras on the market. Not to mention it already has Android 10 and will be eligible for the Android 11 Developer Preview in just a few weeks (or sooner).

All are great reasons to buy the Pixel 3a at its regular price of $399, but now that it is just $319, you can't afford not to buy one.


The Pixel 3a is technically a mid-range smartphone. But, Google did outfit it with all of the same features that you would find on the Pixel 3 and some of the Pixel 4 features.

This includes the best-in-class camera on the back, with portrait mode. Though, since it is running a slower processor, it does take a bit longer for it to process these images. Though, with that slower and more battery efficient Snapdragon 670, you also get some pretty great battery life, out of that 3000mAh capacity battery.

That's also thanks to the full HD+ OLED display that is on board. This means that the phone doesn't have to work as hard, so that battery isn't affected as much.


There is 4GB of RAM on-board with the Pixel 3a, which isn't a lot, but the Snapdragon 670 knows how to handle 4GB of RAM pretty well. So you don't see the same issues as we saw with the Pixel 3.

Finally, the Pixel 3a runs on Android 10, which is very smooth on this smartphone. It also gets quick updates and monthly security patches. So you're getting a really great experience with this smartphone, software-wise.

You can pick up the Google Pixel 3a from Amazon today for just $319. Keep in mind that it is unlocked and works on all four US carriers.


Google Pixel 3a - Amazon - $319