QR code scam: Gang that cheated more than 200 persons arrested

They are from Rajasthan


The cyber crime police have arrested five men, who hail from Rajasthan, for allegedly cheating over 200 people using QR codes over the past one year.

“This is the same gang that downloaded a picture of Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao and used it as a DP to cheat one victim,” said the police.

The kingpin, Jamil Khan, 42, is a resident of Bharatpur. He is named in eight criminal cases. One of the other accused is Haris Mohammed Saleem, 21, a former employee of a private bank and an e-wallet firm. “He has expertise in QR codes and how to use them. He too hails from Bharatpur,” said the police.

Another member of the gang, Karan Singh, 35, provided the bank account for the money to be transferred while two others — Akram Khan, 35, and Mehzair, 20 — would approach persons who had put up items for sale on online platforms.

“Akram and Mehzair used to chat with people and finalise the deal. They would share the phone number of the seller with Haris who would send a QR code. The potential victim would be asked to scan the code to get his money. But when they did that, they found that money would disappear from their accounts instead,” said a police officer.

The gang is suspected of duping over 200 people. The cyber crime police formed a special team and tracked down Karan Singh in Rajasthan. Based on information provided by him, the other gang members were arrested.

Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao praised the cyber crime police for cracking the case and announced a reward.

The accused have been taken into custody.