Tributes paid to Clydebank man William Henfrey, 32, after ‘shining diamond’ died suddenly at home


TRIBUTES have been paid to a Clydebank man after the "shining diamond's" sudden death.

The body of William Henfrey, 32, was found at his home on February 6.
William Henfrey, from Clydebank died last weekCredit: Facebook

His devastated loved ones are yet to find out how William, known as Willz, passed away.

But they have now launched a fundraiser to give their "flamboyant queen" the send off he deserves.

Creating the Just Giving page, his niece Eileen McArthur paid tribute to the "shining diamond" who was the "life and soul" of any event.

She added: "At this moment in time we do not know how he passed away which as a family is very difficult to cope with.

"Not only this but we have added pressures which we are not prepared to cope with as it was so sudden and not expected.
More than £1,500 has been raised for Williams funeral

"My uncle was a great believer in being there for other in their time of need. And as a family it is our time in need.

"We are surrounding each other and trying to remain strong for him. It is difficult enough but at times like these Willz would be the one who would be there with his love and affection ensuring everyone was ok.

Heartbroken friends and family have rallied around to raise more than £1,500 for Willz' "leaving party" so far.

Eileen said: "We want to celebrate his life as he would being alive.

But as you can imagine this comes with a cost, a cost which we sadly are not in a position to fully compensate.

"So with pride aside I am asking for help.

"Any donation toward this will be put to the best use and will ensure that everything that can be done will be done to give our Willz the biggest and best send off possible."

To donate, click here.