Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 releases on mobile in May


SEGA has announced that Sonic is going to be in his own Olympic Games title on mobile by revealing Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020. The game is set to release on May 7th for Android and iOS devices. Pre-registrations are live now for the game with the number of registrations corresponding with the rewards players will get at launch. Those rewards include:

It is not the first Olympic game that Sonic has been in. Late last year Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 was released on the Switch. When that was released Dom wrote in the review:

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 brings a raft of new and returning events with it, but manages to both reduce and overcomplicate everything to the point where it simply isn’t that fun to pick up and play with others. Younger fans may get a kick out of a few of the events, but overall this is a tiresome and drab tie-in that you’ll have forgotten about long before the real world opening ceremony next July.

You can read the full review here for that. To mark the release of the Sonic The Hedgehog we checked out the top 10 Sonic games according to Metacritic. Spoiler alert, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 made the list. I won’t give you any more results other than that.
Source: Press Release