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10 best CBD oils to buy in 2020


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You are probably overwhelmed with the numerous results that pop up when you search online for CBD oils to purchase. There is no shortage of options, but how do you know which ones are the best? You want something that is high-quality and will give you the relief you are looking for, so start with these ten CBD oils while you do your shopping.

1. Verma Farms

Verma Farms is among the best CBD Oils on the market right now. The company’s best-selling product is its all-day solution pack, that offers a 24/7 CBD kit so you’re prepared for every situation that comes your way. Ingredients, quality, and taste are very high as well. The company derives its products from hemp grown in the U.S. and only uses the finest ingredients. It’s all-natural, American-made, pesticide-free, and extracted from top-shelf hemp. If you’re looking for the one of the best, start here.

2. Sabaidee

Sabaidee grows its hemp in Colorado and tests its products in-house before sending them to an independent laboratory, so you can be assured that Sabaidee’s CBD is pure and potent. Multiple concentrations are available. Sabaidee cares about its customers and the environment, so it does more than sell products: every time you make a purchase, Sabaidee donates to plant a tree in an area impacted by deforestation.

3. Simply Pure

Countless African Americans have been incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes despite roughly equal usage rates compared to white people in the U.S. Now that cannabis is legal in many states, and with CBD as popular as it is, it’s a great idea to support black-owned businesses like Simply Pure. Simply Pure offers affordable broad-spectrum CBD oils tested for purity and potency with a third-party lab so that you know you are buying something safe and effective.

4. NuLeaf Naturals

Not only does NuLeaf Naturals send its products to a third-party lab for testing, but the Colorado State Department of Public Health and Environment has also inspected the company’s own production lab, which is registered with the FDA (which maintains that it is illegal to make health claims about CBD). NuLeaf Naturals has spent the past several years collaborating with expert growers to create a remarkable cannabinoid profile, so many of the company’s products include small amounts of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC that promote wellbeing.

5. cbdMD

cbdMD is an affordable option for anyone looking for high-quality CBD oil in different flavors (namely, natural, berry, orange, and mint). Numerous athletes are fond of cbdMD because CBD is excellent for treating conditions such as pain, inflammation, insomnia, stress, and other ailments that arise during training and competing. cbdMD’s cheapest oil costs $29.99 for a 300mg bottle, and its most expensive option is 7500mg (both in 30mL bottles) for $339.99.

6. Green Roads

Do you know the difference between “full-spectrum,” “broad-spectrum,” and “CBD isolate?” CBD isolate refers to products that contain only CBD, but broad-spectrum products include a range of other cannabinoids (such as CBN, CBC, and CBG), terpenes, and other beneficial substances. Full-spectrum products have many similar components as broad-spectrum, but they also include .3% THC or less, which has health benefits of its own, but it’s not enough to get you high.

Green Roads is a major player in the CBD scene. Its products come in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options. With delicious flavors like Apple Kiwi Bliss and Mint Breeze, you are sure to find a dosage that works for you.

7. Lazarus Naturals

The founders of Lazarus Naturals believe that CBD should be accessible to everyone who needs it most. Who suffers from anxiety, depression, pain, and inflammation more than people like veterans, people with disabilities, and individuals and families with low income? Many of them do not have access to proper healthcare, and medication is expensive, so CBD is a helpful alternative to pharmaceutical drugs (CBD does not cure anything, though, and is not a replacement for pharmaceutical medications — it only makes symptoms more comfortable to live with). These groups have the most to benefit from CBD, so Lazarus Naturals offers discounted prices to people who can prove that they live with a disability, are a veteran, or live in a low-income household.

8. Spruce

Spruce’s CBD oils are third-party tested and .3% THC. Spruce offers an impressive 2,400mg lab-grade CBD oil that contains 80mg of cannabidiol per dropper. This product is not flavored, so be aware that it will taste bitter, but that is the cost of creating a product with such a high level of potency. If you are in need of serious relief from your symptoms and your doctor approves a higher dose of CBD, then Spruce’s organic oils may be for you.

9. MedTerra

MedTerra is U.S. Hemp Authority Certified, which means the company is dedicated to providing customers with the highest-quality CBD products possible (it even has a medical advisory board). Its oils are pure, potent, broad-spectrum, and effective. If you aren’t sure what kind of CBD product is right for you, you can try using MedTerra’s CBD quiz to find something that will benefit you most, even if it isn’t oil.

10. Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD sources its hemp from Oregon, which enforces high-quality growing standards to decrease the likelihood of cannabis plants absorbing any harmful substances. Penguin CBD’s oils are also free of THC, the cannabinoid found in cannabis famous for inducing a “high.” You won’t feel your state of mind altered negatively — instead, you can let the company’s oils help you relax and benefit from a variety of other broad-spectrum ingredients, such as terpenes.

CBD oil is abundant on the market, so you’ll need to do careful research to determine which brand and which product are right for you. What CBD oil are you most interested in?

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