Bleeding Edge – here’s a look at Gizmo’s abilities, specials, and supers


Today’s Bleeding Edge video takes a look at Gizmo.

In the latest series of Bleeding Edge videos, we’re given a look at Gizmo, who is one of the DPS heroes in the game.

Gizmo makes use of her GG Gun and can dole out some nice damage from elevated positions, like a true DPS character.

GG Gun is one of her basic abilities and it’s a bolt gun with fire rate increasing over time. Her other basic ability is Evade, which allows her to dodge out of harm’s way, but will cost stamina.

Moving on to Specials, her fist is Sucka, in which she throws a bomb that sucks enemies into it. The second is T-Rut where she deploys a turret that automatically fires at nearby foes. Her third Special is Bouncer. Here, Gizmo drops a jump pad that lasts a few seconds and can also be used by allies.

Supers are Rock-it and Mini Mech. The former allows her to ride large missile and detonate it, while the latter sees her pull out a mech suit with extra armor and a flamethrower.

In the video, Arekkz also goes over some tips and tricks for using Gizmo, so be sure to give it a watch if you plan on participating in the closed beta, which kicks off today. Also, give this video offering a quick rundown of the game a look-see beforehand.

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Previous videos in this series include DaemonEl Bastardo, Miko, and Buttercup, Nidhoggr, and Zero Cool.

Bleeding Edge releases on March 24 and will support cross-play between Steam, Xbox One, and Windows 10.

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