Netflix's new season of 'Narcos: Mexico' is pacing to be the franchise's most popular entry yet

Diego Luna in ‘Narcos: Mexico’ season twoNetflix

“Narcos: Mexico” season two premiered on Netflix on Thursday and there are already signs that it could be the biggest entry yet in the “Narcos” series.

The latest season far outpaced the first season of “Narcos: Mexico” and the three seasons of the original “Narcos” in audience demand in the US, according to Parrot Analytics. The company measures demand expressions, its globally standardised TV measurement unit that reflects a show’s viewership, engagement, and desire weighted by importance.

Parrot Analytics tracked the US audience demand for the current season of “Narcos: Mexico” two days ahead of its release and found that it was 40% higher than the demand for the first season in the same time period.

It was also nearly five times higher than the demand for “Narcos” season three; five times higher than “Narcos” season two; and 39 times higher than “Narcos” season one.

“It’s very impressive for a series to be able to steadily grow its demand over time and our demand data backs up Netflix’s investment in the franchise,” a Parrot Analytics representative said.

The “Narcos” franchise has also been a hit with critics. The current season has a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes (based on just five reviews so far). The first season received an 89% critic score and the average critic score of all three season of “Narcos” is 89%.

“Though it wanders in its middle episodes, Narcos: Mexico remains a finely written drama that loves to wow us with facts and maps even more than twists born from violent turns (which are, nevertheless, exceptionally effective),” Allison Keene wrote for Paste Magazine of “Narcos: Mexico” season two.