Calvin Harris Releases New Acid-Laced 'Love Regenerator 2' EP

Harris drops two new records as his new acid / techno / 90's rave alias Love Regenerator.

Courtesy of PR

Valentine’s Day can suck for many, even (or sometimes especially) couples, but this year is also a New Music Friday. Tame Impala highlights the releases today, obviously, but there are plenty of other great tracks to love. Calvin Harris debuted his new Love Regenerator alias three weeks ago, signaling a very different shift in his music to 90’s-influenced rave and techno. The first two tracks set the tone for this project and today he has released the second batch of tunes on his Love Generator 2 EP.

The two tracks offer different views on what this alias will be. The first song “The Power Of Love II” is built around a chugging acid and speedy drums, while “Regenerate Love” slows down the tempo slightly with fluttering fx, a touch of acid in the break and a classic sounding piano line.  

Are any of these songs going to radically change the dance music landscape? Probably not, but they are all good records that will serve well this summer and may encourage some other more mainstream acts to try and authentically make good house or techno. If that happens, it is a win. 

Listen to the EP now (not the edits, the full songs) and pick up a copy here. Harris is regenerating a different and more aggressive type of love on this Valentine’s Day.