Foto: AEP

AEP to welcome Moldova's Central Election Commission officials for exchange of experience


A delegation of Moldova's Central Election Commission will be calling on Romania's Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) on Saturday and Sunday for an exchange of experience.

The two bodies signed a collaboration memorandum last year.

According to a press statement released by AEP on Friday, the visiting delegation, headed by Chairman of Moldova's Central Election Commission Dorin Cimil, on Saturday will have a meeting with AEP Chairman Constantin-Florin Mituletu-Buica and heads of the departments involved in organising elections.

The purpose of the visit is the development of institutional co-operation through an exchange of experience with fair and transparent financing of political parties and electoral campaigns; ensuring the best conditions for the exercise of the electoral rights of citizens with the right to vote abroad; organising and conducting educational and informational programmes for the voters and other participants in the elections.

"The Central Election Commission of Moldova has expressed interest in the experience and successes of the AEP in ensuring and improving electoral legislation, the financing of parties and electoral campaigns, informing and educating voters. The Permanent Electoral Authority appreciates the interest of its Moldovan counterparts and assures them of full availability to collaborate actively and sustainably in all areas where the AEP can provide expertise."