The box is a first for the UK

Showcase Cinemas launch 'swapcorn' box for couples who like different flavour popcorn

Roses are red, violets are blue. Can’t decide on popcorn? Showcase has the box for you…


Have you ever been on a romantic date to the cinema, only to find you and your partner can’t agree on what flavour of popcorn to choose?

Well now, Showcase Cinemas has the answer as they have created a limited-edition couples ‘swapcorn’ box to prevent any lovers’ tiffs this Valentine’s Day.

The split popcorn box allows couples to share one carton of popcorn, with both sweet and salted varieties separated. Couples can still enjoy that romantic cinema experience without any disagreements over flavour, so the only divide in the relationship is in the popcorn box.

The revolutionary popcorn box is a first in the UK, and features a special Valentine’s-inspired design, fitted with heart shaped ‘love handles’ - perfect for sharing with that special someone.

The limited-edition ‘swapcorn’ boxes will be available nationwide across Valentine’s Day weekend (while stocks last) in five Showcase Cinema de Lux locations - Bristol,Derby,Glasgow,Leicester, and Paisley.
The only difficult choice couples need to make is what film to see(Image: Darren Robinson)

As well as the limited edition popcorn box, Showcase is continuing its loved-up mood with showings of the Oscar-winning romantic thriller, Ghost. Selected Showcase Cinemas and all Showcase Cinema de Lux locations will be screening the iconic 90s flick at 7pm on Valentine’s Day and 5pm on Sunday, February 16.

Starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg and centering around a ghost trying to find out the truth about his own murder, the film is often considered the perfect date night flick with its great mix of romance and action.

But if this classic isn't for you there are plenty of other films showing over the weekend.

Mark Barlow, UK general manager for Showcase Cinemas, said: “Valentine’s Day is a day for caring and sharing with those closest to you. We want this year’s Valentine’s Day movie date to be the best that it can be, that’s why we are introducing our Swapcorn boxes.

“We think it’s a really simple solution for sharing your cinema experience, and your favourite cinema snack, with your loved one without having to compromise your choice of flavour.”

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