Consequence Takes A Tour Of Queens In The Video For His Last Phife Dawg Collaboration

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In March, it will have been four years since Phife Dawg passed away. The MC/producer born Malik Taylor was not able to see the final album release from A Tribe Called Quest, 2016’s We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service. However, he worked on the LP that reunited the group in the studio, unbeknownst to fans at the time.

Consequence was one of A Tribe Called Quest’s closest affiliates. He played a breakthrough role in 1996’s Beats, Rhymes & Life (after some previous vinyl-only work with Tribe) and appeared on the group’s following two LPs, including We Got It from Here… Even when Cons’ was an artist on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music imprint, he often appeared in live shows from Tribe. Although the Queens, New Yorker is cousins with Q-Tip, he also shared a special bond with the 5-Foot Assassin.

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He brings his latest single, “No Place Like Home”—which features Phife—to video. The groovy, R&B-tinged song represents for Linden Boulevard and the Q borough. “Home is where your heart is,” echoes the chorus. ItsTheCons raps about homecomings after his award tours, and why the faces in his neighborhood make it a home. Consequence matches this energy with a reflective journey through the Q-U in the video, which premiered at HipHopDX.

In one of his final verses, Phife raps about why he too, loved Queens, even while establishing residences in California and Georgia. He shouts out his St. Albans section and points out the rich Hip-Hop history in the borough. Cons adds to the track to point out its significance, and how he misses Phife.

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“Phife [Dawg] and I worked on ‘No Place Like Home’ in the same time frame as the beginning stages of [We Got It from Here…]. Even though he was living in the Bay during the last years of his life, we kept in touch frequently and I even brought my son, Caiden, to meet him in person while he was in New York; which lead to both of us making a cameo appearance in his last solo video.”

Ambrosia For Heads