Dunkeld resident Evelyn Menzies and People's Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt.

Dunkeld residents ‘ecstatic’ with combined win of £210,000

Five Perthshire residents are celebrating their combined win of £210,000 thanks to their participation in the People’s Postcode Lottery.


The neighbours from Dunkeld won their money after their postcode PH8 0AA was drawn as a winner yesterday morning.

Three of the winners scooped £30,000 each, while two of the neighbours doubled their winnings to £60,000, having played with two tickets.

Resident Evelyn Menzies, 69, was “amazed” at her win.

She said: “It’s a wonderful day. I’m absolutely amazed and I can’t contain myself.

“I’d love to go on a nice holiday but there’s nowhere special.

“Just some place sunny, anywhere with sun.”

Her neighbour, 59-year-old Katherine Patterson, won £30,000 in the draw.

Katherine said: “It’s wonderful, I’m ecstatic.

“You play and hope, but you never expect it to happen.

“I have two daughters and a couple of grandsons, so we’ll definitely go on a nice holiday.

“Maybe Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast. Other than that, I have no idea.”

The other three winners were unavailable to receive their cheques in person but will have their money paid directly into their bank accounts.

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt said: “A huge congratulations to Evelyn and Katherine.

“Given the recent weather, it’s not surprising that they plan to use their money to find some sun.

“I certainly would.”