Loud House: Outta Control debuts on Apple Arcade today


Source: Apple

What you need to know

There's a new Apple Arcade game in town, this time based on a hit Nickelodeon show. Loud House: Outta Control is now available for download from the App Store, so long as you're an Apple Arcade subscriber.

The title is available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV and sees players guide characters through the game as they complete their objectives.

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Welcome to the Loud House! Are you ready to get OUTTA CONTROL?! Enter the chaotic world of Lincoln Loud and his sisters from the hit Nickelodeon series. COMPLETE TASKS Guide your favorite Loud characters to complete their objectives. Get Lincoln to his comic books and Lana to her mud pies before the clock runs out! Manage multiple paths for characters while enjoying exciting character interactions. Earn bonus points by completing objectives as quickly as you can! CONTAIN THE CHAOS When characters collide...hilarity ensues. From flying pies to loaded diapers, do your best to avoid the chaos big enough to ignite any sibling rivalry! Avoid collisions or risk losing the level...and watch out for those pesky fight clouds! EXPLORE THE LOUD HOUSE Experience the Loud House in all seasons. Manage the chaos from the front yard to the kitchen! From the attic to the best seat on the couch! Each level features a unique scene and fun new challenges. COLLECT ITEMS Earn medals and unlock Collectibles! Play to win special items from the Loud House universe: Lisa's Gloweos, Lucy's crystal ball and more. Discover new levels and watch your collection grow!

It's a hefty game at 2.8GB and it may well be one of the largest on Apple Arcade today.

If you aren't an Apple Arcade subscriber yet, why not?! It's a bargain at $4.99 per month for access to more than 100 games. None of them have ads, nor in-app purchases to spoil your fun, either.

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