Alleged Google Pixel 5 XL Render Makes an Appearance Online With a Unique Triple-Camera Setup

image via FrontPageTech on YouTube

We've only two months into 2020, and we've only seen two major flagship releases in the form of the Galaxy S20 series and the Mi 10 Pro. It is a bit too early to be talking about Google's Pixel 5, which is nearly eight months away from release. However, YouTube user FrontPageTech has showcased what could be Google's 2020 flagship in all its glory.

If you skip to about 6:50 in the video, it shows us one of the three possible designs that Google is considering for Pixel 5 XL. We can see a significant camera hump with a three-camera setup. Even if there will be three cameras, their orientations will be different, as this makes the phone look like a surprised Pikachu.

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The video goes on to add that the top two are the main and telephoto sensors, with the bottom one being an ultra-wide camera. Jon Prosser (the creator of FrontPageTech) said that he'd release the other two renders soon. Google isn't one to unnecessarily add camera sensors when they aren't necessary, so there is a high likelihood that the company could stick with its Pixel 4's two-camera design.

What else can we expect from the Google Pixel 5

Apart from an additional lens on the rear camera, the Pixel 5 will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC coupled with at least 6GB of RAM. Let's hope that the storage options start at 128GB; the company got a lot of flak for offering a meager 64GB on Pixel 4. Just like its predecessor, Pixel 5 should come with a high-refresh-rate screen. Whether it'll be 90Hz or 120Hz remains to be seen, but the likelihood of it being the latter is higher, as Samsung already set a precedent with its 2020 flagships.

We shouldn't see too much of an overall design change, though. The front of the Pixel 5 will very likely be notched, as a hole punch display doesn't leave any space for the Face Unlock hardware. That is also the reason why a motorized solution is out of the question. Let's hope that Google gives us larger batteries this time around. Pixel users have long lamented the devices' piss-poor battery life, and it's high time Google does something about it.

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