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Is Halsey As Good A Painter As She Is A Singer? Gossip Cop Investigates

If Halsey wasn’t one of the most successful singers these days, she could very well be one of the most successful painters. The 25 year old released her third album, Manic, last month and started her biggest world tour to date last week in Spain. What you might not know though, is that she is a talented visual artist as well.

Halsey has never hid her talent

Last year when she appeared on Saturday Night Live, her performance included painting a large portrait on the floor as she sang her hit “Eastside”. It was a mesmerizing performance. Even more impressively, she painted the face upside down, so she could face the audience as she painted. Her painting is hardly just a cool parlor trick used to impress late-night TV viewers, however.

A few months later, in a video to hype the release of Manic, Halsey made a video for her song “Graveyard” that featured a time-lapse of her painting a self-portrait based on the photo of the singer on the album’s cover. Just like her SNL performance, it’s an impressive display of pure artistic talent. And a fantastic way to show fans your new album’s artwork before it is released.

All this artistry has kept the multitalented Halsey out of the tabloids, unfortunately. In October, Gossip Cop debunked a phony article in Star that purported Halsey was “friends with benefits” with John Mayer. The untrue story quoted a supposed “source” as saying, “There are a lot of blurred lines between them.” This dubious source went on to say, “Time will tell if they step this up to a real romance.”

Obviously Halsey and Mayer didn’t “step” anything up as there was never anything remotely romantic about their friendship. The two even made fun at the premise when they did a live stream together. Halsey went further, criticizing the whole idea on Twitter, writing, “I just had a groundbreaking idea. What if… we let female artists… have friends… without assuming that they are sleeping together?”

She took control of her life at a young age

That kind of thoughtful, honest response shouldn’t be a surprise, given Halsey’s track record. She’s been a strong voice for women and for her independence since high school. When the singer was a teenager, a nude photo meant for only her boyfriend’s eyes was stolen from her locker. The photo was spread amongst the students and even the faculty. Rather than crumble in the face of something so embarrassing and most high school students probably would, Halsey owned it.

Whether it’s through her music, her painting, her personal life, or any other aspect, Halsey continues to own everything in her world.

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