Either Shaughna or Demi will be dumped tonight from the villa tonight

Love Island's Priscilla wants to recouple after humiliating challenge with Mike

In a Love Island first, Valentine's Day arrives in the villa - which means the producers have a special challenge for our Islanders to face...


The first Valentine's Day for Love Island finally arrives tonight and the show celebrates with a special challenge for the Islanders.

In a special challenge entitled Valentine's Bae, each member of a couple must have one of their hands tied to one of their partner's and must attempt to keep a romantic meal for two intact.

Sounds easy enough but they must do it while completing a "romantic" assault course.

This journey includes a love tunnel with a gungey rose petal bed and love bears, before culminating in a cute past smooch in the vain of Disney classic Lady and the Tramp.

Not everyone completing the challenge is a winner, however.

One couple who are "flying around" happen to be fan favourites Luke T and Siânnise.

Mike and Priscilla during the Valentine's Bae challenge.(Image: ITV)

Meanwhile, Priscilla is ready to play tactically and is down for some extreme measures.

"Are we allowed to recouple, just for challenges, please?" she asked.

Ouch. Poor Mike.

With some stars proving to be Bambi on Ice, it doesn't seem to be the easy breezy task the Islanders hoped for.

The question remains, will they keep their cool and keep their meals in tact?

And who will be victorious and be Love Island’s first ever Valentine’s Day challenge champions?

Meanwhile, two of the girls are in danger of being dumped tonight, with Luke M appearing to be the one with all the power to decide their fates.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2.

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