Stranger Things 4 Teaser: The Role of Jean Valjean Will Be Played by Jim Hopper


“Look down, look down, don’t look ‘em in the eye,” Hopper and his fellow prisoners should be singing in the teaser for Stranger Things season four. Despite the setting and technological advances (railroad tracks over ships), the teaser plays out like the beginning of Les Misérables, and Hopper is our Jean Valjean. Miraculously alive after we collectively mourned him in last season’s finale, Hopper is living his days as a slave of the law in Russia, after, you know, mowing a bunch of people down with a machine gun. That means more David Harbour dadbod and more Miami Vice with El, but considerably less hair. Hopper is bald and that’s just something we’re all going to have to come to terms with. Maybe that’s why Netflix revealed Hopper’s return in a teaser trailer — it knew we’d need time to cope with the loss. And time is abundant. Stranger Things 4 isn’t expected until 2021, but obviously stranger things have happened.