Rumour: PSVR 2 Planned to Launch After PS5 Release

"Tentatively scheduled"


The current PlayStation VR model has been confirmed to work with Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5, allowing you to play current PSVR titles through backwards compatibility. A new, enhanced device which could take full advantage of the next-generation console hasn't been announced just yet, and while its reveal most likely won't take place for quite a while, it does sound like one is in the pipeline.

Alongside speculation that Sony is struggling with expensive components for the PS5, Bloomberg reports that the hardware manufacturer has an all-new headset in at least the planning stages. "Separately, Sony plans to release a new version of the PlayStation VR virtual-reality headset, tentatively scheduled after the PlayStation 5 goes on sale, the people said."

It certainly makes sense for Sony to have a new device in the works to take advantage of the extra power developers will have at their fingertips, allowing for even better and grander PSVR titles to make their way to the market during the next generation. Launching the headset alongside a new home console doesn't sound like the best idea, however, so we here at Push Square don't expect it to make its way to market until at least halfway through 2021. Although, it could still be a part of Sony's PS5 reveal plans for this year.