Bond Theme Forces Old Men to Have Opinion on Billie Eilish


Some teen pop singer, who we aware of on the same extremely vague and peripheral level as we are the effect of gravity, is about to become super mainstream even with the dads, as 18-year-old Billie Eilish has released her take on the global songwriting challenge that is the James Bond film theme tune.

Eilish's tuneĀ No Time To Die was released last night, and seeing as this is the way now it's all ready to stream for free without even buying, thanks to the unique way celebrities are funded these days (product placement on Instagram), hence we can embed it here and no one's going to demand it's taken down. Unlike when Goldeneye came out and we got a cease & desist from Parlophone:

Takes a while to get going but then so did Nobody Does it Better, and we never skip that one when it comes on in the car. The words seems to be about insecurity and self-doubt, though, rather than how good James is at shagging, so that's one big step forward for Bondkind.